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The founder of our company the late George McNabb

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans:


The thoughtful person has protected their family in so many different ways.... by life insurance or by making a will. Now there is an additional way to protect your family from the distress of arranging and paying for your funeral. With the inclusion of funeral pre-arrangements in your planning you protect your family from making hasty decisions in a time of great emotional distress.


We believe that our Independent Way funeral plan which is in association with Golden Charter Funeral Plans and only available through independent funeral directors such as ourselves offers significant advantages to the family with all details outlined in our comprehensive brochure available at our office or posted upon request.


People appreciate the safe knowledge that their wishes will be carried out exactly as requested while saving their families the worry and expense of arranging a funeral. When the time comes one simple phone call to us and everything will be taken care of as requested with the guarantee that the cost of our professional services will not increase.

Funeral Arrangements:


Death is part and parcel of life yet its mystery....the fear of the unknown.....the dread that surrounds our own passing or that of a loved one is such that most people do not want to think about it. Consequently when death does occur many people are utterly unprepared for the important decisions that must be made. Perhaps no other service rendered to the public is as intimate and personal as that of the funeral director.


We as independent family funeral directors are 'on-call' 24 hours a day to take care of the multitude of details that are involved when a loved one has passed away in a caring discrete and professional manner. No matter whether we are needed in the middle of the day or sometimes during the night we will respond at once ready to be of assistance.


With the families wishes we make all necessary arrangements for the funeral service and take care of all the details. We confirm the service arrangements with the clergyman or celebrant as well as organise the opening of a grave and purchase of same if required. We arrange publication of death notices in local newspapers and provide fresh flower wreaths made to order at the request of the family. Afterwards we will arrange the Registration of Death, notify the Department for Work and Pensions and provide assistance with Social Security Claims, War Pensions, Insurance Policies and banks and building societies.

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